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The admissions team at SMU wants to get to know you! To us, you are much more than a GPA or GRE score. We want to know about you as a person, because ultimately that is what will determine the kind of veterinarian you will be.

Why do you want to become a veterinarian? What is it about you and your experiences that have led you to make this rewarding career choice? Have you engaged in activities that demonstrate service to the veterinary profession and/or your community? How committed are you to your dream of becoming a veterinarian? We look forward to learning the answers to these questions by reviewing your personal statement, resume and letters of reference and by speaking with you during your personal interview.

We review your academic performance to determine whether you have the intellectual capability to successfully complete our curriculum. However, we are not looking for a specific cumulative grade point average at the end of your transcript, and we have no minimum GPA below which an application is automatically rejected. We are more interested in the pattern of your academic development than whether you have had some difficulties in years past. We know that your level of commitment to becoming a veterinarian is more predictive of your success at SMU than is your prior GPA .

We want to support you in your dream of becoming a veterinarian, and we welcome your application!

We Are Here to Help

At St. Matthew's University, our team of admissions advisors are pleased to assist you and respond to any questions or concerns promptly and professionally. Please fee free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable admissions advisors at:

Phone: 800.498.9700 or 407.488.1700
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Fax: 800.565.7177 or 407.488.1702
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Due to our rolling admissions, there is no deadline to apply. Semesters begin in September, January, and May.