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St. Matthews University School of Medicine is proud to sponsor frequent Continuing Medical Education Conferences in collaboration with leading medical organizations such as Johns Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic. Presenters are often among the top practitioners and researchers in their respective fields, and attendees include SMU students and faculty as well as Cayman Islands medical professionals. Prior conference topics include the following:

Cleveland Clinic
  1. Saving Lives with Innovative Radiotherapy Technologies by John Greskovich, MD
  2. Emerging Strategies in Breast Cancer Risk Assessment and Treatment by Thomas Samuel, MD
  3. Prognostic and Diagnostic Markers of the Breast Carcinoma by Peela Jagannadha Rao, MD
  4. Interventional Radiology Procedures Update by Rodolfo J. Blandon, MD
  5. Surgical Advances in the Treatment of Neurological Disorders by Badih Adada MD
  6. Integrative Medicine, the Way Forward by Zahida Anwar, MD
  7. Innovations in Solid Organ Transplant by Cedric Sheffield, MD
  8. Mechanical Circulatory Support: Present-tense and Future Promise by Cedric Sheffield, MD
  9. Student Athlete Cardiac Assessment for the PCP by Melissa Mascaro, MD
  10. Concussion Update: Where are We Headed? by Melissa Mascaro, MD
  11. Interventional Cardiology: An Update on Some of the Newer Innovations by Dr. Howard S. Bush,MD
  12. Breast Cancer Review and Current Surgical Recommendations by Dr. Margaret Gilot, MD
  13. Colon Cancer: Preventable. Beatable by Dr. Darley Solomon, MD
  14. Patient Experience: It is Not About Satisfaction by James Merlino, MD
  15. Creating a Culture of Patient Centered Care by Robert Stall
  16. Cultural Transformation – The Power of Everyone by Rebecca Caputo, RN and Dawn Semple
  17. Empathy Video – Patients: Afraid and Vulnerable by Antonio Briceno, MD
Johns Hopkins
  1. Current Status of the Treatment of Aortic Valve Disease by John V. Conte, MD
  2. Management of the Axilla in Breast Cancer by Lisa Kay Jacobs, MD
  3. Cholesterol Management by Erin D. Michos, MD
  4. Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Therapy for Prostate Cancer by Christian P. Pavlovich, MD
  5. Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Therapy for Breast Cancer by Saraswati Sukumar, PhD
  6. Early Breast Cancer: A Practical Approach by Roisin Connolly, MD
Baptist Health International
  1. Current Concepts on Stroke Diagnosis, Management and Treatment by Allan Herskowitz, MD
  2. Population Health: Confronting the Challenges of the Health Care Paradigm in Developing
  3. Countries by Galed Hakim, MD
  4. Latest Advancements in Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery by Mark Dylewski, MD
  5. Skin Cancer by Adriane Vega Pompa, MD
  6. Preventing Chronic Diseases By Ana M. Viamonte Ros, MD
International Cardiac Symposium (Organized by the Cayman Heart Fund)
  1. The Role of Coronary Calcium Score and CT Angiography in the Assessment of Risk of CVD by C. Pena, M.D. (Baptist Health International)
  2. Advances in Heart Failure Therapy by V. Navas, MD (Cleveland Clinic)
  3. Guilty by Association: The Case for Peripheral Artery Disease (P A D.) by M. Chauhan, MD
  4. (Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital)
  5. Vitamin D Deficiency & Cardiovascular Risks by E. Donnelly Michos, MD (Johns Hopkins)
  6. Innovation in Action: How Advances in Medical Technology are Helping Real-World Patients by M. Kosiborod, MD and K. Huber, MD (Heart Health Centre Cayman and St. Luke’s)
  7. Integrating Cardiology Imaging and Advanced Blood Testing To Prevent Cardiac Disease by A. Agatston, MD (Baptist Health International)
  8. Interventional Cardiology: A look at Some Exciting New Innovations by H. Bush, MD (Cleveland Clinic)
  9. Unique Aspects of Women’s Cardiac Health by T. Stevens, MD (St. Luke’s)
  10. Advances in Cardiovascular Medicine by M. Chacko, MD (Johns Hopkins)
  11. Head Surgery: A Journey Back to the Future by M. Kosiborod, MD and M. BORKON, MD (Cayman and St. Luke’s)
  12. Interpretation of the New ACC/AHA Guidelines on the Prediction of ASCVD Risk and Management by E. Donnelly Michos, MD (Johns Hopkins Medicine)
  13. Cancer Related Heart Disease/Heart Disease Secondary to Cancer Treatments by M. J. Villar, DO (Baptist Health International)
  14. Advanced Heart Failure Management by Dr. A. Boyle, MD (Cleveland Clinic)
  15. Keeping the Rhythm by B. M. Ramza, MD, PhD (St. Luke's Mid America Health Institute)
  16. Safe to Play by Dr. M. Kosiborod, MD (Heart Health Centre)
  17. Important Interventions in Cardiology - Acute in the Cath Lab, Chronic in the Office by L. A. Simkins, MD (Tenet Healthcare)
  18. Coronary Stenting: Have We Reached the Max? by J. M. Purow, FACC (Holy Cross Hospital)
  19. New Technologies to Advance Cardiac and Vascular Care by B. T. Katzen, FACR, FACC, FISR (Baptist Health International)
  20. Aortic Stenosis and Trans-catheter Aortic Valve Replacement by M. Chacko (Johns Hopkins)
  21. From Total Mess to Total Success: The Challenge of Treating Chronically Occluded Coronary
  22. Arteries by Dr. D. Safley (St. Luke's M.A.H.I. & Heart Health Centre)
  23. Evolution of Congestive Heart Failure by Cedric Sheffield, MD
  24. New Specialty: Cardiac Oncology by Jorge Arturo Flores, MD, FACC
  25. Current Status of the Treatment of Aortic Valve Disease by John V. Conte, MD
  26. Treating Stroke: On the Cutting Edge by Yvonne Turner Johnson, MD
  27. Women’s Heart Health: The Many Shades of Gray by Tracy L. Stevens, MD
  28. Mending Broken Hearts: Success Stories from the Cayman Islands by Robert Piotrowski, MD, F.A.C.C
  29. The ASD and Hearts Requiring Extra-corporeal Support, Friend or Foe? by Kak-Chen Chan, MD
Cayman Cancer Society
  1. Cancer Immune Therapy: Update on Checkpoint Inhibitors by Dr. Vineetha Binoy (Health City, Cayman Islands)
  2. The Latest Information in Diagnosing and Treating Skin Cancer & Oral and Throat Cancers by Alison Duncan MBBS, MSc, CCT (Derm), FRCP and Alastair Gliksman, MbBCh, FCS
  3. The HPV Head and Neck Cancer Epidemic - What You Need To Know by Christine Gourin, MD (Johns Hopkins)
  4. Screening for Lung Cancer: Are We There Yet? by Dr. Rabhi Bechara, MD, FCCP (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)
  5. The Genetics of Cancer by Dr. Vineetha Binoy , MBBS, MD, DM (Health City, Cayman Islands)
  6. Ovarian Cancer Update by Dr. Troy Gatcliffe, MD, FACOG, FACS (Baptist Health International)
  7. Targeted Therapy & Immunotherapy for Lung Cancer by Dr. Luis Raez, MD (Memorial Global Health)
  8. Contemporary Management of Genitourinary Malignancies by Dr. Chad Ritch, MD, MBA (University of Miami)
  9. Breast Cancer Diagnostics and Treatment in Cayman by Dr. Tanya Ebanks, MD, FMH (Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital)
  10. The Sentinel Lymph Node and Endometrial Cancer by Dr. Moises Lichtenger, MD (Holy Cross Hospital)
  11. Trends in Surgical Oncology and Management of Gl Malignancies with Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery by Dr. Adrian Legaspi, MD, FACS (Tenet)
  12. Contemporary Concepts of Salivary Gland Tumors by Dr. Shawn, MD (Baptist Health)
  13. Radiotherapy for Head and Neck Cancers: Current State of the Art by Dr Nagy Elsayyad, MD (Miami Health System)
  14. The HPV Connection by Dr. Darley Solomon, MD (Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital)
  15. Pediatric Brain Cancer: The ABC's of Diagnosing CNS Tumors by Dr. James Akiiiwunmi . MBBS, FRCS (Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital)
  16. Screening Diagnosis & Treatment of Colon Cancers: The Importance of Early Detection by Dr. Vikesh Singh, MD (Johns Hopkins)
  17. Prostate and Kidney Cancer: Modern Day Management in the 21st Century by Dr. David Taub, MD (Holy Cross Hospital)
  18. Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Gastric Cancer by Dr. Hayder Al-Azaawi , MD (Tenet)
Obesity Summit
  1. Clinical Reproach with Patient With Obesity by Lisa DeRosimo MD
  2. Nutritional and Behavioral Approach to the Obese Patient by Natalie Romero- Castro, MS, RD, LDN
  3. The Role and Myth of Exercise in the Assessment and Treatment of Weight Loss by Peter Katzmarzyk PhD
  4. Medical Consequences of Obesity-Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes by Laurence Spading, MD
  5. Obesity, Dyslipidernia, and CVD Risk by Laurence Sperling, MD
  6. Adiposity Versus Adiposepathy by Michael Ozner, MD
  7. BMI Versus Waist Circumference: What Is Our Target? -- A Panel Discussion Moderated by Michael Ozner, M.D.
  8. Dietary Approaches to the Treatment of Obesity by Teresa Ochoa R.D.
  9. Low Fat Versus Low Carb Diets by Arthur Agatston, MD
  10. Medical Treatment of Obesity by Donna Ryan, MD
  11. Current Status of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery by Anthony Gonzalez, MD
  12. New Developments and Devices in the Surgical Treatment of Obesity by Natan Zundel, MD
  13. What BMI Should Be the Target of Aggressive Nutritional, Medical, and Surgical Treatment of Obesity? – A Panel Discussion Moderated by Anthony Gonzalez, MD
  14. The Economic Consequences of Obesity by Khurram Nasir, MD
  15. Mobile Health Applications in the Treatment of Obesity by Theodore Feldman, MD
  16. Incorporating Obesity Management into Clinical Practice and Population Management by Thinh Tran, MD and Lisa DeRosana, MD
Cayman Palliative Care
  1. Opening Remarks and History of Palliative Care in Cayman by Dr. Virginia Hobday, MD -- Medical Director of Cayman HospiceCare
  2. Different World Views at the End of Life by Rev. Guillermo Escalona
  3. How to Merge Usual Care with Hospice/Palliative Care, Really by Thomas J Smith, MD
  4. Dying In Good Hands by Christine Sutherland