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St. Matthew's University Faculty Publications

Faculty members have in their collective careers published hundreds of papers spanning many years including publications in highly prestigious journals such as Nature and Science. The following lists only the recent publications of faculty for studies done at the School (often with international collaborators).

Behavioral Science
  1. Kalueff, A.V, Keisala, T., Minasyan, A., Kumar, S.R, LaPorte, J.L., Murphy, D.L., Tuohimaa, P. (2008), “The Regular And Light-Dark Suok Test Of Anxiety And Sensorimotor Integration: Utility For Behavioral Characterization In Laboratory Rodents." Nature Protocols, Vol. 3, No. 1, 129 - 136
Education Science
  1. Abraham, R. R., Rao, R., Surekha,K. And Asha K. (2009) “A Trial Of The Objective Structured Practical Examination In Physiology At Melaka Manipal Medical College, India," Advan Physiol Educ 33:21-23
  2. Rajasekaran S. K, Uma S, Gowda V, (2008) “A PowerPoint Game Format to Teach Prescription Writing." Medical Teacher,30:7,717 — 718
  3. Rajasekaran S.K.(2009) "Effectiveness of the Hybrid Model of Case-Based Teaching in Medical Pharmacology," Journal of International Association of Medical Science Educators, 19 (4) Volume 19 4, 160-166
  4. Basu, A. "An Analysis/Assessment of the Effectiveness of "Self Study Model" with the help of Prerecorded Video Lecture in Undergraduate Medical Education Abstract 15580," Ottawa 2010 (Conference)
  5. Rajasekaran, S. K. Rajasekaran and Shankar P. Shankar (2010) Influence of Pre-recorded E-lectures and In-class Case-Based Small Group Discussion on Learning Outcome in a Medical Pharmacology Class. Conference: Experimental Biology 2010. Anaheim, California, USA. April 2010.
  6. Senthilkumar, U., Ganguly. P. K. (2010), "Anatomy Resource Centre: An Ideal Place for Teachers and Teaching". Pallab K., Uma, Progress in Education, Volume 18. Nova Science Publishers, 2010.
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  8. Rajasekaran, SK, Vaithilingam, A., Armstrong, E (2008), “Effectiveness of the Hybrid Model of Case Based Teaching in a Medical Pharmacology Class”. Experimental Biology, 2008 [Conference presentation]
  9. Rajasekaran, SK, Vaithilingam, A., Armstrong, E (2008), “Effectiveness of the Hybrid Model of Case Based Teaching in a Medical Pharmacology Class”. Experimental Biology, 2008 [Conference presentation]
Clinical Science
  1. Kumar, V. , Nayak, S.R., Potu, B. K, Pulakunta, Y. (2009) “Sacral Hiatus in Relation to Low Back Pain in South Indian Population, Bratisl Lek Listy 110(7), 436-441
  2. Kostopoulos D., Nelson, A. J., Ingber, R. S., and Larkin, R. W. (2008) "Perception of Trigger Points in the Upper Trapezius Muscle through Trigger Point Compression and Passive Stretching," Informa Healthcare, 16:4, 267-279
  3. Cumberland, L. et al (2009) "Mohs Micrographic Surgery for the Management of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers" (is found in Aug 2009 edition of the Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics of North America Journal, Volume 17, issue 3, pp 325-335 (details to be received)
Evidence Based Medicine and Medical Data Analytics
  1. Robson B., and Baek OK (2009), "The Engines of Hippocrates: From the Dawn of Medicine to its Information Based Medical and Pharmaceutical Future." BOOK, 600 pages, pub. Wiley.
  2. Robson B. (2008) "Clinical and Pharmacogenomic Data Mining: 4. The FANO Program and Command Set as an Example of Tools for Biomedical Discovery and Evidence Based Medicine, J. Proteome Res. (Am. Chem. Soc.). ” J. Proteome Res., 7 (9), pp 3922–3947
  3. Robson B., and Vaithilingam A. (2009) "Drug Gold and Data Dragons. Myths and Realities of Data Mining in the Pharmaceutical Industry" in Pharmaceutical Data Mining: Approaches and Applications for Drug Discovery, Ed. Konstantin V. Balakin, Pub. Wiley
  4. Robson, B. (2009) “Towards Intelligent Internet-Roaming Agents for Mining and Inference from Medical Data," Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Vol. 149, pp 157-177
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  6. Robson, B. and McBurney, R. (2011) “The Roles of Information, Bioinformatics and Genomics” in Drug Discovery and Development, Chapter 7, British Pharmacological Society (in press).
  7. B. Robson (2011) “The Challenge of Inference in Personalized Medicine”, Future of Health Technology Volume IV, Technology and Informatics, IOS Press (in press)
  8. B. Robson and S. Deckelman (2011) “A New Development In Medical Decision Support? Split-Complex Numbers”. Future of Health Technology Volume IV, Technology and Informatics, IOS Press (in press)
  9. Robson. B (2009) “Artificial Intelligence for Medical Decisions” 14th Future of Health Technology Congress, MIT , September 29-30 2010 and Robson. B (2009) “Using Deep Models of Medicine and Common Sense to Answer ad hoc Clinical Queries” 14th Future of Health Technology Congress, MIT , September 28-29, 2009, to appear in published report.
  10. Pandit, R.L. and Pandit, J. C (2009). “Regarding inconsistency in acuity measurements and appropriate clinical decision-making”. Letter to the Editor, The American Physician.
Medical Molecular Sciences
  1. Uma S., Kelly J.P., and Rajasekaran, S.K. (2008) “An Investigation of the value of the Tetrahymena pyriformis as a test organism for assessing the acute toxicity of antidepressants," Biomedical Research 2008
  2. Robson B., and Vaithilingam, A. (2008) "Protein Folding Revisited" in Molecular Biology and Translational Science, Vol. 84 Ed. Kristi A.S. Gomez., Elsevier Inc.
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  5. Suresh, B., Babu P.S., Shetty J.K., Prakash M. (2010) “Cardiac Enzymes, Total Thiols And Lipid Peroxidation In Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction” J Clin Diagnosis and Research 4(6):3425-3429.
  6. Shetty J.K., Babu S,Tripathy S, and Prakash M. (2010) “Relationship between serum copper and protein thiols in hyperlipidemic patients. J Hainan Medical University”. 16(10):1266-1268.
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  10. Haleagrahara, N, and Ponnuswamy, K. (2010) "Neuroprotective effect of Centella asiatica extract (CAE) on experimentally induced parkinsonism in aged Sprague Dawley rats"J. Toxicological Sciences, 35, No. 1 February 41-47
  11. Ponnusamy K., Kavitha, G., Sreelatha, S., and Senthilkumar, U. (2010) "Therapeutic and Clinical Applications of L-Carnitine and its Congeners as a Potent Nutrigenomic Membrane Molecular Antioxidants in Health and Disease" IOMC 2010
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  8. Mavrych V., Bolgova O. Vozniy V. (2010), “Determination of Enamel and Coronal Dentin Microhardiness of Upper Fist Premolars in Age Aspect”, e-Journal of AMMG Vol.5, No.8 e-Journal of AMMG
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