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Lectures, Presentations and Submissions

18th Annual Meeting of International Association of Medical Science Educator (IAMSE)- Nashville, Tennessee; “Learning Medical Pharmacology: A Survey of Students’ Perceptions and Experience”, Poster presentation; Dr. Q. Zhong

ASCP Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL; “Evaluation for Effectiveness of Team Based Learning in Pathology in a Caribbean Medical School”, Poster Presentation; Dr SK Biswas, Dr A. Basu

Experimental Biology, Boston MA.; “Student Evaluation of Case Studies.”- Poster presentation; A. Jagadeesh, V. Mavrych, O. Bolgova, L. Maroun, S.K. Rajasekaran

IAMSE Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA; “Long Term Effectiveness of Team Based Learning in Pathology – A 6 Month Follow Up Study”, Poster presentation; S. K. Biswas, A. Basu

Experimental Biology, Boston, MA: “Age and gender specific characteristics of spongy bone architectonic in lumbar vertebral bodies”, Poster presentation; Drs. V. Mavrych, O. Bolgova

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, Seattle, Washington: “Kelch like-ECH-associated protein 1 (Keap1) and retinal antioxidant defense in the development of diabetic retinopathy”, Poster presentation; Dr. Q. Zhong et al.

Trisomy 21 International Conference, Paris, France; “In Vivo Test of a Novel Agent for Treating Interferon Related Cognitive Difficulties”, Poster presentation; L.E. Maroun, A. Jagadeesh, A.M. Ram

Experimental Biology, San Diego, CA; “Benefits of the Students Who Grade Pathology Assignments of Their Near-Peers”, Poster presentation; S K Biswas, A Basu, Jiji Raam

Experiential Biology, San Diego, California; “Assessing team-based learning method's effectiveness in medical pharmacology teaching”, Poster presentation; Dr A. Ram

ACCP Annual Meeting, Bethesda, Maryland; "Interferon-alpha response element found for the B-cell translocation gene on human chromosome 21“, Poster presentation; Dr A. Ram

Federation of the American Society of Experimental Biology, San Diego, California; “A Hybrid Model of Case-Based Teaching in a Medical Pharmacology Class”, Abstract # 1365, Prog. # 766.1. SK. Rajasekaran, A. Vaithilingam, E. Armstrong

Future of Health Technology Summit at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; “Why Smart Robots Must Roam the Internet, and Why they Must Think Quantum Mechanically,” by Dr. B. Robson

Future of Health Technology Summit at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; “Automated Drug Design including Data Mining of Eight Million Patents,” by Dr. B. Robson

11th World Congress for Infectious and Immunological Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology and Dermatology, Grand Cayman; Principal Lecture: “Expert Systems, Knowledge Networks, and Capturing Medical Knowledge from Experts” by Dr. B. Robson

MedInfo 13: The 14th World Congress on Medical and Health Informatics, Copenhagen, Denmark; “A Universal Exchange Language for Healthcare”, Poster presentation, Dr. B. Robson

Theoretical Semantics and the Web: The DISCO Inter-University Project Workshop, University of York, England; “Probabilistic Semantics for Medical Decision Support”, Dr B. Robson

Workshops, Fellowships and CME’s

Division of Medical Ethics, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA; “Harvard Clinical Bioethics Course”; Dr A. Brunn

PEGS: the Essential Protein Engineering Summit, Boston MA; SC8: In Silico Immunogenicity Prediction (hands-on) work shop; Dr L. Maroun

Association of Standardized Patient Educators (ASPE):13th Annual Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana; Standardized Patient (SP): Upgrading Medical Knowledge of Standardized Patient Educators; Dr S. Johnson

Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA; Visiting Fellowship in Gynecological Pathology- viewing cases, reporting with the residents and faculty, attending seminars ; Dr. A. Basu

CME Conference, Montreal, Canada, Cardiology for Primary Care; Dr. S. Johnson

IPMAMEDED Conference, Orlando; Dr. S. Johnson

19th Annual Conference, New York City; Emergencies and Challenges in Primary Care; V. Mavrych and O. Bolgova

MCE Conferences. Orlando, Florida; Internal Medicine for Primary Care; Dr. M. Aurelio

The New York Academy of Sciences, Epigenetics: Cancer and Beyond; Dr. A. Lyons

The University at Sea- Neurology- 16 CME course; V. Mavrych and O. Bolgova

34th AOIKCON 2016, SIMS Shivamogga, India; Dr. A. Rao

9th Canadian Conference on Dementia, Toronto, Canada, V. Mavrych and O. Bolgova

FP Comprehensive Board Prep (CME credits); Dr. S. Johnson