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Research is integral to the mission of St. Matthew's University. SMU understands that the everyday practice of modern medicine is now more than ever an endless research studentship, with the physician needing to comprehend and critically address the accelerating pace of relevant emerging science and medical techniques. SMU believes that critical analytic thinking and quantitative understanding is essential to modern clinical practice based on best evidence and proper decision making. SMU recognizes that trends such as the digital patient health record, the accelerating use of Evidence Based Medicine, and various legislative measures foreshadow continuous physician participation in the monitoring and reporting of patient health for correctness of diagnoses and safety of therapies. Last but not least, SMU also understands that some students will ultimately follow careers in academic or industrial research, government health-related agencies, and healthcare services at many levels, and that such broader opportunities may only be accessible by evidence of sound education in research principles and practice. By engaging faculty and students in the understanding and active practice of research, we demonstrate our commitment to the success of our students and the up-to-date expertise and professional development of our faculty.