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Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees are billed on a semester basis for students in Basic Sciences and in Clinical Sciences. Tuition and fees for students in Basic Sciences are due upon registration but no later than fifteen days prior to the first day of classes. Non-payment by the first day of classes may result in registration being canceled.

Tuition and fees are subject to change. Students with an outstanding balance are not eligible to register for the next semester without clearing up that outstanding balance to the satisfaction of the Financial Office. For students in both Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences, a U.S. $100 late fee will be assessed if tuition and fees are not paid for on time.

Clinical Sciences

Tuition and fees for students in Clinical Sciences are due prior to registration and at least one month prior to the commencement of the semester and/or clinical rotation. Tuition and fees are charged for all clinical rotations. Students in Clinical Sciences will be billed for an entire semester regardless of the starting date as long as the student is anticipated to be in rotations. Additional charges may be due during fourth year if students choose elective rotations with costs exceeding the standard St. Matthew's University subsidy rate. Each student will pay a maximum of five clinical sciences semesters (given that no rotations were failed).

Tuition and Fees (U.S. $), Effective Fall 2020
Tuition per semester - Basic Sciences $16,075.00
Tuition per semester - Clinical Sciences $20,650.00
Information Technology Fee** (per semester) $100.00
Administrative Fee (per semester) $175.00
One Time Fees
Non-Refundable Application Fee $75.00
Cayman Entry Fee*** $113.00
Seat Deposit $500.00
Review Materials (Fifth Semester) $750.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Tuition for less than 17 credits (per credit hour) $865.00
Malpractice Insurance - Clinical Science only (per semester) $260.00
Health Insurance (per semester, unless proof of coverage) $653.00
Transcript Request $10.00
Letter of Reference - first 3 free, thereafter $10.00
Document copies up to 15 pgs (Over 15 pgs., $1 per page) $15.00
Recreation Fee (Cayman Only) $35.00
National Board Fee $500.00
Leave of Absence Fee $500.00
Graduation Fee $500.00
Background Check Fee $50-$250 depending on the required extent of search
Late Registration Fee $250.00
Lab Fees $150.00 - $250.00
White Coat Ceremony Fee $60.00
Late Payment Fee $100.00
Returned Check Fee $35.00

** Laptops are required for all students
*** Cayman Island Government Fee