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The Scholarship Review Board

The Scholarship Review Board meets in Florida on or around July 15, March 15 and November 15 of each year to review all completed applications for all scholarship awards. All scholarship applications must be complete and ready for review prior to these dates because the staff must prepare the applications for review by the board. Therefore, it is necessary to set a deadline for receipt of applications prior to the meeting of the Review Board.

Deadlines for receipt of completed scholarship applications are as follows:

» November 10 for January semester
» March 10 for May semester
» July 10 for September semester

Scholarship recipients will be notified within two weeks of the Scholarship Review Board's decision.

Applications for Scholarship

Applications for the Academic Scholarship are available online at the forms library or from the Florida office. Completed applications may be faxed to: 1.800.565.7177.

Completed applications may be mailed to:

St. Matthew's University
Director of Financial Aid and Alumni Affairs
12124 High Tech Ave.
Suite 290
Orlando, Fl 32817
Phone: 407.488.1700
Toll-free: 800.498.9700
Fax: 800.565.7177

Academic Scholarships

Each semester excellent incoming students at St. Matthew's University School of Veterinary Medicine may be awarded a partial-tuition academic scholarship from the school. This scholarship may be renewed for each of the seven basic science semesters. St. Matthew's is proud to offer these academic scholarships to students who display exceptional promise in the pursuit of a veterinary degree. It is our way of rewarding excellence and encouraging individuals to pursue a veterinary degree. At the time of application, candidates must:

» Have a strong undergraduate GPA and/or GRE score.
» Submit an application requesting the consideration of the Scholarship Committee. To view the application, please click here.

The Cayman Islands Scholarship

As part of St. Matthew's University School of Veterinary Medicine's commitment to the country and citizens of the Cayman Islands, one Basic Science tuition and fees scholarship is offered to a qualified Caymanian citizen each calendar year beginning in the January term. This scholarship is awarded to a qualified applicant who meets all the admission requirements, shows exceptional promise for veterinary studies, is a current resident of the Cayman Islands and is dedicated to delivering veterinary care to the country of the Cayman Islands.

Applicants must submit the following information at the time of application:

» Letter of request to the Scholarship Review Board explaining the desire for consideration. This letter should include (but not be limited to) examples of tenacity, compassion and commitment to helping others and animals.
» Proof of current Caymanian citizenship.

Applications must be received by the Review Board prior to November 10.

All refunds will be made within thirty (30) days of the withdrawal date. Before any refund can be initiated, a withdrawal form must be completed and submitted to the Dean.

Basic Science tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule*:

Prior to the start of the semester 100%
During the first week of the semester 93%
During the second week of the semester 87%
During the third week of the semester 80%
During the fourth week of the semester No refund

Any student withdrawing from a fourth year clinical rotation, subsequent to assignment and acceptance, will not be subject to a refund on tuition for that semester of rotation.

Any new applicant to St. Matthew's University requesting withdrawal within three days of payment of the seat deposit to St. Matthew's shall receive a full refund* of all tuition and fees paid.

*All fees, including the first semester seat deposit fee of $500.00 and the $75.00 application fee are excluded from this refund policy and are not refundable after the first three days' exemption as previously described.

Other Charges

Students attending Basic Sciences in Grand Cayman will be billed monthly for miscellaneous charges. Payment is due upon receipt of these invoices. Non-payment of accounts will result in the loss of credit privileges on campus.

American Student Loans

American Students (citizens and permanent residents) who are interested in learning more about potential loan options, if available, should contact St. Matthew's University Office of Financial Aid at 1.800.498.9700 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Canadian Student Loans

There are several loan opportunities for Canadian students who are accepted to study at St. Matthew's University.

Canadian students may apply for loans through their provincial Ministry of Training. St. Matthew's University's school code for applying is NUBQ. The Canadian government provides loan information and access to the National Student Loan Centre through their Can Learn website.

Credit-based loans are available from both the Royal Bank of Canada and the National Bank of Canada. Both institutions are accepting line of credit applications from Canadian students accepted to St. Matthew's University.

Each program offers specific terms and conditions as well as pre-set limits. The lines of credit are credit based, and a co-signer may be necessary.

To apply for a credit based loan from Royal Bank of Canada or the National Bank of Canada, Canadian students accepted to St. Matthew's University may go to any bank branch office with their acceptance letter.

Royal Bank of Canada Branch Locator

National Bank of Canada Branch Locator

Canadian students are welcome to contact the St. Matthew's University Financial Aid office with any additional questions.

Office of Financial Aid
Gloria Miranda-Avila
Tel: 1.800.498.9700
Fax: 1.800.565.7177
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

St. Matthew’s University offers a tuition that compares very favorably with other veterinary schools (see table below) while also maintaining the rigorous standards that have made it a top choice among international D.V.M. programs.

The average per-year tuition at veterinary schools in the U.S. now exceeds $50,000 for nonresidents. The cost has risen so high that most students must seek additional financing beyond what they can obtain through federal loan programs.

At SMU, total tuition is more than $25,000 less than the average for nonresidents at U.S. schools. This enables students to complete their education with far less indebtedness. Also, SMU offers the most affordable tuition of any Caribbean D.V.M. program.

SchoolD.V.M. Program Tuition
U.S. Programs, nonresident, average $200,492
Other Caribbean Programs, average $189,029
SMU $174,875

Source: Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, school websites, as of November 2017