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All refunds will be made within thirty (30) days of the withdrawal date. Before any refund can be initiated, a withdrawal form must be completed and submitted to the Dean of Basic Science.

Basic Science tuition will be refunded according to the following schedule*:

Prior to the start of the semester 100%
During the first week of the semester 93%
During the second week of the semester 87%
During the third week of the semester 80%
During the fourth week of the semester No refund

Any student withdrawing from a clinical rotation, subsequent to assignment and acceptance, will not be subject to a refund on tuition for that semester of rotation.
Any new applicant to St. Matthew's University requesting withdrawal within three days of payment of the seat deposit to St. Matthew's shall receive a full refund of all tuition and fees paid.

*All fees, including the first semester seat deposit fee of $500.00 and the $75.00 application fee, are excluded from this refund policy and are not refundable after the first three days' exemption as previously described.

Other Charges

Students attending Basic Sciences in Grand Cayman will be billed monthly for miscellaneous charges. Payment is due upon receipt of these invoices. Non-payment of accounts will result in the loss of credit privileges on campus.

Since it was founded in 1997, St. Matthew’s University has always been able to offer a tuition that compares very favorably with other medical schools (see table below) while also maintaining the rigorous standards that have made it a top choice among international M.D. programs.

According to the American Association of Medical Colleges, the average per-semester tuition at public medical schools in the U.S. now exceeds $28,000. The cost has risen so high that most students must seek additional financing beyond what they can obtain through federal loan programs, such as Stafford Loans.

Of the few Caribbean medical schools approved in both New York and Florida, SMU offers the most cost-effective tuition. This enables students to complete their education with far less indebtedness. This is especially true when compared with other Caribbean medical schools whose tuition and fees are 50 to 100% higher than those of SMU.

SMU Tuition Comparison