Proven Quality of Education


St. Matthew's University School of Veterinary Medicine offers students an education that is completely dedicated to the success of our students. The result is a proven quality education.

  1. Recognition: Earned Affiliate Membership in the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges. Achieved listing with the American Veterinary Medical Association.
  2. Pass Rates: North American Veterinary Licensing Examination pass rates on parity with students from U.S. veterinary schools and far above the average level of students from other non-U.S. schools.
  3. Licensing: Fully chartered by the Cayman Islands Ministry of Health Services and Agriculture. (Click here for more information on SMU’s credentials)
  4. Faculty: Faculty and administration with teaching and leadership experience at a broad range of top North American veterinary colleges. (Click here to see our faculty)
  5. Clinical Rotations: Premier clinical training sites at top North American colleges of veterinary medicine. (Click here for more information)