Student Research

Students submit their research work in the form of a poster for evaluation by the faculty. Through this experiential learning process, students develop skills in research design, decision-making, data analysis, scientific writing, and presentation skills. Recent presentations deemed excellent by the faculty include:


Elizabeth Lynn: The Effects of Ciliopathies on Clinically Significant Disorders

Sharaad Latchana: Dangers of Shisha Smoking

Suhayb Hafiz: Does Psychological State Affect the Immune System in Cancer Patients?

Josee-Marie Melanson: Benefits of Prenatal Surgical Repair of Myelomeningocele Versus Postnatal Surgical Repair

Ryan Harding-Marlin - Concussions: Accurately Diagnosing Post Traumatic Injury

Renaldo Goff: Intra-Adrenal Pheochromocytoma Physiological Effects on the Blood Pressure

Michael Garcia Jr.: Determining the Efficacy Of Monoclonal Antibodies Against Ebola Virus 

Bushra Hashmi: Methylphenidate as a Potential Treatment for Restricted Repetitive Behaviors Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Alexandra Spirou: Novel Drugs For Management of Type II Diabetes Mellitus: Are These "Wonder Drugs" Worth the Risks?

Alex Itskovich: ICC cells: Deciphering the Mechanism for GI Pacemaking

Emilie Thivierge: The Puzzling Epidemiology of Eosinophilic Esophagitis