Faculty Conference Participation

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Recent faculty conference presentations of their research include the following:

Experimental Biology Conference in Boston, MA. Poster presentation: Student Evaluation of Case Studies; Authors: A. Jagadeesh, V. Mavrych, O. Bolgova, L. Maroun, S.K. Rajasekaran.

International Association of Medical science Educators (IAMSE) Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA. Poster presentation: Long-term Effectiveness of Team-based Learning in Pathology – a 6 Month Follow-up Study; Authors: Dr S K Biswas, Dr A Basu.

Trisomy 21 International Conference in Paris, France. Poster presentation: In Vivo Test of a Novel Agent for Treating Interferon Related Cognitive Difficulties; Authors: L.E. Maroun, A. Jagadeesh, A.M. Ram.

Experimental Biology Conference in San Diego, CA. Poster presentation: Benefits of the Students Who Grade Pathology Assignments of Their Near-Peers; Authors: Dr S K Biswas, Dr A Basu, Jiji Raam.