Admissions Requirements

Pre-requisite Coursework

The SMU School of Medicine requires the following pre-requisite courses:

General Biology or Zoology * One academic year (6 credit hours)
Inorganic Chemistry * 1 academic year (6 credit hours)
Organic Chemistry* † 1 academic year (6 credit hours)
Language Arts (English)** 1/2 academic year (3 credit hours)
College Math or Computer Science 1/2 academic year (3 credit hours)

*These courses must include an attached laboratory.
** A student may substitute any course that has a writing component, such as a term paper or written project, for the Language Arts requirement.
† A student may substitute 1/2 year of Biochemistry for 1/2 year of Organic Chemistry.

Standardized Examination

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required only of citizens and permanent residents of the United States. Admitted students from the United States are to submit their MCAT results prior to enrolling.